Friday, July 06, 2012

Feature and Follow (3) & TGIF (1)

I'm new to the blogging society and I think these two memes are a great way to get to know other bloggers!

Feature and Follow is hosted by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read. Follow them and the featured blogs, answer this weeks question and join the following!

This weeks question:

Jumping Genres: Ever pick up a book from a genre you usually don't like and LOVE it? Tell us about it and why you picked it up in the first place.

I'm really hesitant with picking up literature. When I was about 14 I decided I couldn't read children's books anymore, so I moved over to the "grown-up" section of the library and that was a really bad experience. So ever since I tend to avoid literature. I probably would like it by now, but I just prefer YA and Chick Lit. Of course I've read some literature and I absolutely loved Atonement by Ian McEwan. I picked it up for a assignment for one of my classes at the university and I was blown away by it. So I try to read more literature, but most sound so heavy or weird that I just don't. 

TGIF is hosted by GReads!. This features re-caps this weeks posts and proposes a questions to the followers. 

This weeks question:

Comfort Reads: Which books do you go to for comfort & familiarity? Is there a type of book you seek out when you're needing that extra bit of comfort in your life?

If I'm in a reading funk I mostly pick up a book I looked forward to for some time or a book I already read and really loved. The latter mostly means Harry Potter. The former varies of course. Mostly it's a Chick Lit, because overall I read YA, but when I want to read a book that comforts me Chick Lits are the ones for me! Mainly because I'm almost certain that I already know the world it's placed in and the characters are mostly a lot like me.

This weeks posts:


  1. I don't read too many chick lit. Who would you recommend?


  2. My comfort author is Rachel Gibson she's CR she always makes me laugh so when I need cheering or just need to smile I pick her up!

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    -Amanda P
    Paranormal Romance

  3. I like literature sometimes, but not often. Austen is good.

    Old follower.

  4. New GFC follower just stopping by :)
    Alexia - Here is My FF Post

  5. I'm like you - not a big reader of literary fiction these days, but I don't read much chick lit either - guess I'm more of a fantasy/ paranormal type of gal :-)

  6. I was the opposite. I was about 11 and decided all I could read was classics and then more modern literary fiction. ;) So I absorbed them all.

  7. Wow, I was the opposite, too! Well not entirely, but when I was younger I didn't care too much if the pacing was a little slower. I'd just patiently continue reading. These days I'm all about instant gratification. When I was 15 or so I would just read Goethe, Shakespeare, Bronte, Kafka and Hermann Hesse for the sake of it, but now.. v_v *ashamed face* XD

    Patricia // My Hop

  8. I'm not sure I've seen all adult fiction put into one genre before. I've always thought "literary" referred to a certain brand of mainstream fiction specifically written to deliver a message in an artistic way rather than just tell a story. I kind of know what you mean, though. I clung to YA fiction for a long time, too, even after I was perfectly capable of reading adult stuff. Now, I read mostly adult stuff, with YA thrown in when "everyone" says it's great. (You know how "everyone" is. :) )

    1. You're right pointing this out! For me it's the heavy stuff, but maybe I would love it now!

  9. Chick Lits ftw! And I still haven't read HP yet, but I'm working on it :)
    Happy Friday!

  10. Harry Potter is absolutely one of my go to books when I am in need of comfort! Chick lit can be comforting in certain circumstances, but sometimes it just ends up making me even more depressed.

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  11. Great answer! I just noticed you are reading Born at Midnight right now and I hope you are enjoying it. I liked it. I also noticed that we both have similar favourite series too! Awesome :-)

    Following! Feel free to stop by my blog :-)

  12. Yeah literature books tend to sound quite "boring" to me so I avoid them but it's good that you find some that are really interesting. Can't say that I will ever read Atonement because the movie well did not make me happy. The unfairness of it all!

    Old Follower
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  13. Harry Potter is definitely one of the series that will always be a comfort to me - it's familiar, it's lovely and it's got such a beautiful world and set of characters in it. I also love chick lit too, especially when I don't want too heavy a read!

  14. I was an English major back in college and read all the classics and really enjoyed them. So many of them fit in perfectly with the romances of today, just a bit

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    The Scarf Princess

  15. Thanks for stopping by. Yea I'm loving chick lit now
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  16. Hopping through. I've always wanted to read Atonement. It sounds like a beautiful book.
    My Hop

  17. Atonement was boring for me. I don't know. I just felt like it took forever to actually get to the story.

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