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Review Breathless by Brigid Kemmerer

Breathless  (Elemental, #2.5)Title: Breathless
Author: Brigid Kemmerer
Published: April 30th, 2013 
Publisher: Kensington Teen
Pages: 65
Source: for review
Series: Elemental #2.5

Too many secrets. Not enough time.

Nick Merrick is supposed to be the level-headed one. The peacemaker. Since it’s just him and his three hotheaded brothers against the world, that’s a survival tactic.

But now he’s got problems even his brothers can’t help him survive.

His so-called girlfriend, Quinn, is going quick as mercury from daring to crazy. Meanwhile, Quinn’s dancer friend Adam is throwing Nick off balance, forcing him to recognize a truth he’d rather shove back into the dark.

He can feel it—-the atmosphere is sizzling. Danger is on the way. But whatever happens next, Nick is starting to find out that sometimes nothing you do can keep the peace.

Brigid Kemmerer has done it again! If you visit my blog more often you know how much I love this series. It just has everything I love: an amazing writing style, romance, powers, and don't forget the HOT guys! Breathless has it all! 

This novella is about Nick. He's my favorite of the four brothers from the beginning of the series. His element is air and that's just cool to begin with! He's also the complete opposite of his twin brother Gabriel. In even more ways than you think! 

Although this novella has only 65 pages so much happens. I won't give any spoilers, but that kissing scene at the end of the story? So hot! 
But what I loved most about Breathless were the dancing scenes. Brigid Kemmerer just knows what I want. Dancing in my favorite series with cool powers and hot guys? I'll take that any day! 

Spirit, the third book in the series, is coming out in just a couple of months and I so can't wait! It can't get here soon enough! I just saw on Goodreads there will also be a book #4 and #5. YEAH! More books in an amazing series with hot guys on the cover. 
If you haven't read Storm (Elemental #1) yet I highly recommend it!

Read this immediately after it's published!


  1. *jealous*
    Great review! I love this series as well. Can't wait to read this & Spirit. :)

  2. I really like this series too! I felt the same way about this novella. Can't wait to read his whole story.


  3. I haven't started this series, but I really want too. It just sounds like a series I def. would enjoy. Great review. :)

  4. Hey! Thanks for the follow. Appreciate it.


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