Friday, March 08, 2013

Where A Job Took Away My Blogging Time

Hi guys!

It’s been a bit quieter on my blog lately, as you may have noticed. Since November I have a job again (yay!) and it’s taking up quite some time and energy. I also started a couple of other projects and everything has been piling up and it took away the energy to blog and write reviews. But I’m about to change that and I’m making time and energy to spend on my blog!

I’ve been wondering why I neglected my blog a bit and the answer came to me a few days back: I’m no longer happy with my blog design. I’ve liked it for quite some time, but the colours and header just no longer fit my style. So time for some (major) changes! I want to make my own blog design! I’ve no idea how long that’s going to take and you may seem some smaller changes in the mean time, but it’s going to happen. I’m pretty excited about it and it really gives me the energy again to work on my blog.

I also hope to spend more time reading. My TBR pile is growing like crazy, because I do keep buying the books! Although I’m going to need a very long vacation to get rid of this pile!

I’m really grateful that you read (and follow) my blog and I love the blogging community! So, it’s time to jump into it again!

Lots of book love,



  1. Just finding a job has taken a lot of my blogging time and I'll be starting a new job next week so the same thing has and will be happening to me. Got to spend time where it is needed. Good luck on the blog redesign! Glad you are able to get back to your blog!

  2. I'm still trying to find a job, so good for you that you have found one :D! Good luck with your redesign. I know exactly how you feel and it's great when you change up everything.

  3. Am looking forward to seeing your new design. All the best with it.

  4. Well a job is always way more important then blogging. Haha but I am glad you found a reason for your not-in-the-blog-mood :) I wonder what it is going to look like!

  5. Good luck with the new design! I am not a fan of mine either, and it's frustrating. I hope yours turns out to your liking :)


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