Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tahereh Mafi in The Netherlands


I had the most amazing week and the most awesome part was meeting Tahereh Mafi! Yes, you heard right: I'VE MET TAHEREH MAFI AND SHE'S AMAZING! Most of you guys have a whole list with awesome authors you've met. But unfortunately living in The Netherlands means rarely meeting your favorite authors. Luckily, the most awesome publishing house in The Netherlands, BLOSSOM BOOKS, made it happen that Tahereh Mafi came to the Netherlands and arranged two Meet & Greets. I was part of the first one in Voorburg in the Children's Bookstore In de Wolken (translated: In The Clouds). A really cosy bookshop and it was the perfect setting for this M&G. 
Tahereh Mafi and Me!
If you've met Tahereh Mafi you know that she's an extraordinary person! She's so sweet, funny and smart! If you ask her a question (any question) she will talk for at least ten minutes straight! She has so much to say, and she's so interesting! And it's so cool to hear an author talk about their books! It's like Shatter Me has a whole new dimension now! Myrthe, the editor of Blossom Books, is the one who arranged for Tahereh to come here! She made the Meet & Greet even more perfect with all the "Vrees Me" cupcakes, cakepops and macarons, yum!
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You would think the awesomeness would stop here, but no! You will probably know Destroy Me (or "Verwoest Me"), and that it's published as an enovella. Well, we Dutchies can be cool sometimes, because here it's published in hardcover! Just like Shatter Me (or "Vrees Me" in Dutch) and they look so pretty together! I got Shatter Me as a present after finishing my internship at Blossom Books (which is an imprint of Kluitman) and all my colleagues wrote something in it. And now I have Destroy Me, which is signed by Tahereh!

So a huge thank you to Tahereh for coming here and letting us meet her and answer all our questions. You're truly amazing!
And also a HUGE thank you to Myrthe, for arranging for Tahereh Mafi to come here and have this Meet & Greet with us, and of course for the delicious food! You rock!


  1. Ahhh, how cool! It's a shame that there aren't so many events here in The Netherlands (I would LOVE to have something like BEA here :p)

  2. Amazing that you met her! I tried my best but really couldn't make it :( Fortunately, my brother went and got my book signed, but I would've LOVED to meet her! And I agree with Mel, I need more bookish events!

  3. So cool! I'm a Dutchie as well, but unfortunately I had to work :( so I missed out on one of the few chances us Dutchies get to meet their favourite authors.

  4. Sweetest blogpost ever! It was my pleasure to arrange all the thing we did and it truly wouldn't have been so awesome if Tahereh wasn't one of the most inspirational, kindest persons I've ever met.

    I'm really glad you enjoyed it and found it such a great experience!

    x Myrthe

  5. How exciting!! I just went to my first author meet-and-greet a few months ago, and it was so much fun. I'm so glad you were able to attend this one!


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