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Review Southern Charm by Tinsley Mortimer

De Socialite en de CityTitle: De Socialite en de City
Original title: Southern Charm: A Novel
Author: Tinsley Mortimer
Published: October 5th, 2012 (Van Holkema & Warendorf)
Pages: 318
Source: for review
Rating: 2 stars
Synopsis from Goodreads: A modern Manhattan fairy tale with the sparkle of a champagne cocktail, Tinsley Mortimer’s debut novel provides a delicious peek into her world of society, fashion, and big-city fame. SOUTHERN GIRL Minty Davenport has always dreamed of skyscrapers, yellow cabs, and a life like Eloise’s in New York City. So upon graduation from college, she bids adieu to Charleston and makes a beeline for the Big Apple. Almost instantly, she finds herself at an event being photographed for Women’s Wear Daily, and her career as a New York society “It Girl” is launched. As Minty navigates the ironclad customs of New York society, a blossoming love life, and a job working for a ruthless and powerful publicist, she finds that the rules a southern belle lives by—being nice to everyone, accentuating her femininity, and minding her manners—don’t necessarily guarantee success in Manhattan. She may indeed be accumulating new friends and opportunities along with boldfaced mentions and a very eligible bachelor boyfriend, but someone is plotting her very public downfall. When Minty gets to the top of the social ladder, she must decide if the glamorous life she thought she wanted is really everything she hoped it would be.

Chick Lit books have been disappointing for me lately. Somewhere half way this book I thought I would just give up on the genre, because it almost made me cry in frustation. 
It started out pretty good. I love the cover, which is always a good start! I know, it's a bit shallow, but a pretty cover is nice. The beginning of the story was also enjoyable. It was comparable to Devil Wears Prada, one of my favorite Chick Lit's! But it got straight down from there.

Minty is the most insufferable person I've ever read about. She goes to New York and all of a sudden she's the assistent of some high powered fashion woman. And to make it even worse she's becoming one of the best known socialites in like a week, which seems highly unlikely to me. But who am I to know? 

And the worst part was Tripp. She was madly in love with this guy when she was fifteen years old. So of course when he turns up in New York to, as the boyfriend of the most important socialite, she falls madly in love again. Although he treated her like shit. Maybe I'm just crazy, but if someone treats you bad, you stop loving them after more than five years, right?
The joke was almost complete when he asks her to marry him, and they just go over to the city hall and get married. Of course after that she finally listens to her doubts and thinks he's cheating on her. So, she dumps him and goes back to her last boyfriend, the one who dumped her for no reason. Seriously,  am I wrong to say that's pretty sad. 

This weren't the only things that got me irritated. Minty's mom was around a lot and she calls her mother, mummie or Scarlet. Really confusing, and I think mummie is a really irritating word. I don't know why, but it gets on my nerves. 

I'm sorry for my rant, but once in a while I think I'm allowed ;). 
I think I made myself clear I would not recommend this book. 

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