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Review Seeking Crystal by Joss Stirling

Seeking Crystal (Benedict, #3)Title: Seeking Crystal
Author: Joss Stirling
Published: October 4th, 2012 (Oxford University Press)
Pages: 258
Source: for review
Benedict #3
Rating: 5 stars
Synopsis from Goodreads: Sparks will fly . . . Passion will ignite . . .

Crystal Brook has always been the dud Savant in her family; paranormal powers just aren't her thing. Dropping out of school with a clutch of 'E' grades and no future, she lives in the shadow of her high-flying sister Diamond. On a trip to Denver, a chance encounter with the dashing Benedict brothers leaves Diamond head over heels in love and engaged to be married. Crystal, on the other hand, is unimpressed by their charms . . . in fact no boy can annoy her as much as Xav Benedict! Back in Venice, their families assemble for Diamond's wedding and a powerful enemy seizes the opportunity to attack. Crystal and Xav must join forces to save their loved-ones, unlocking a secret that, until now, has lain deeply buried . . .

I love this series so much! It's the perfect combination of fantasy and chick lit! You can imagine I jumped up and down with joy when I started reading this book!

One of my weird reading habits is that I rarely read a synopsis before starting a book. I read it when I first discover a book and again before purchasing it, but not before reading it. While reading this book I discovered (yet again) how important it can be to actually read the synopsis. 
I knew Crystal was the main character, so when her sister discovers her soul mate I was like: WHAT?! This cannot be happening! It should be Crystal! 

With a series like this one I'm sometimes afraid the same story will be told in different ways. But not with Joss Stirling! She's such an amazing author. Her writing style sucks you into the story. I cry pretty easily, especially with books, but she made me cry just because the story was over. I want more! 
I'm really enthusiastic about this series and when I'm telling people about it they're all like: a romantic YA, with soul mates  Nah, not my thing. Well I thought so too, but this is so much more. True, it's about soul mates  but the way Joss Stirling tells this story makes it so much more than just a love story! 
You really feel what the MC is feeling! So at first Xav is the biggest jerk in the world (and you try hard not to laugh at his jokes). And you just can't help falling in love with him together with Crystal. My emotions were all over the place. 

Back to the telling the same story a thousand times: I think I made clear you should not be afraid of it. This is the third book in the series and again they're all new things! Of course there are some things that you also find in the other books: finding your soul mate  the awesome Benedict-brothers, their enemies and the girl. The girl is Crystal, she finds her soul mate in Xav, and again there is some crazy person who wants revenge on the Benedicts. But Crystal's Savant power makes everything different, because she's a dud, nothing special. Or is she? 

I will only say this about Xav: I love him! He's so sweet and my heart almost burst every time I read his name. Having a Xav in your life makes everything better!

I know I'm fangirling over here, but I just want to express how awesome this book is and that everybody should read it! 

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  1. I get the same response when I tell people about this series. It's such a shame that they won't give it a chance because it's awesome!


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