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Top Ten Bookish People I Want To Meet

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This week topic is 

Top Ten Bookish People I Want To Meet

When I first saw this topic I was a bit afraid I wouldn't be able to think of ten people. But it was a lot easier than I thought! I decided to go for people who still live, because otherwise this list would be almost endless! 
Leave me your links! I'm curious what you chose! 


J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter is one of my all time favorite series. I've reread it up to seven times (HP 1-4). I just can't get enough of it! I would love to talk to J.K. Rowling about this series. 
Mary Hoffman
I love Italia! The country, the cities, the culture, the food, the language, everything! The Stravaganza series is set in Talia, a country that looks like our Italia. And I love this series and I would really like to talk to Mary Hoffman about it!
Sophie Kinsella
My favorite Chick Lit author. The first question I would ask her: what's the secret to your success?
Brigid Kemmerer
My new favorite series! (I know a lot of favorites today ;)). Her books are full of tensions, funny moments and hot guys! It's amazing! I would love to know where she gets her inspiration!


Lili from Lili's Reflections
Lili gives amazing recommendations. I've only spoken to her via twitter, but I would love to talk to her in person, about books of course! I love her new blog design!
Amber from Books of Amber
I love her blog! She's my biggest example in the blogging community! in my eyes she's pretty much an expert in blogging and I would love to talk to her about it!
Jessica from Chick Lit Teens
Chick Lit Teens was the first blog I started following and it was one of the reasons I first thought about starting my own blog. 

Publishing houses

Designers from Harper Teen 
The covers from Harper Teen are always so beautiful! I'd love to know how they design these covers and where they get their inspiration!
Editors from McMillan
After being an intern at a Dutch publishing house for seven months I know how books are made. I know publishing is different from publisher to publisher and from country to country and I'm interested in their approach. I love their books!
Wiebe Buddingh'
A lot of people will think: who? Wiebe Buddingh' is the Dutch translator of the Harry Potter series. I've always been interested in translations and how translators approach original texts. But Harry Potter is special, because of all the names. Hermione for example became Hermelien. The reason is that Hermione wouldn't be pronounced correctly by Dutch kids, but why Hermelien? Almost all the names have been changed and I'd love to hear why and how he did it!

Who do you like to meet?


  1. Ohh love this post, Helene! It's great! Love the people you picked too. I would've never thought of Wiebe Buddingh'. Seriously, great picks! :)

  2. I think that's interesting that you included publishing houses. I didn't even think of that. We wouldn't have books without them. kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  3. Like Kaye said, I didn't even think about including anyone in publishing! That's such a great idea.

    My Top Ten

  4. Great idea including publishing houses :) Love your list, and we're so agreed on JK :)
    Katja @ YA's the Word

  5. I would just die to meet JKR. She's so fantastic. I'd love to just have a simple chat with her, because I'm sure it'd be amazing. It'd have to be, if she can think up the HP world <3 Great list!

  6. Publishers! Didn't even think of including them... sure I'd have a few questions for them too ;-)

  7. Wat een super leuke post. Ik vind het ook erg origineel dat je ook uitgeverijen hebt betrokken in je post. Echt heel erg leuk :)

  8. You k now at BEA I got to go to a Harper thing and they had 2 people from the design dept and it was fascinating listening to how a cover is made.

    OUaT's TTT

  9. Great list! I love that you included publishers. Like everyone else, I didn't even think of them!

  10. I love that you included Publishers in your list! I'd definitely want to meet the Harper Teen designers, their covers are fantastic. I have so many questions I need to ask JK Rowling, so my meeting with her would have to be pretty long!

    My Top Ten

  11. Thanks for the shout-out! I am so glad to hear my blog helped inspire you to create your own (which, by the way, looks great). I am now a follower!

  12. You have a good mix here!! I would LOVE to meet Sophie Kinsella too! And it would be cool to talk to the people who design the bookcovers that I love... good idea! Thanks for stopping by My TTT!!

  13. Do you plan on writing any posts about your time spent interning with McMillan? It sounds like one could learn a lot at a job like that. Outstanding list, thank you for stopping by my blog today!

  14. I love that you added in publishers! I had not even though to do that! Very fun list. :) I'd love to meet the Harper designers as well! Thanks for visiting my list. :)

    - Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl

  15. I would listen to JK Rowling talk about dust bunnies. I bet she would make it sound fantabulous, and certainly hilarious. I love seeing all the JK Rowling love on today's TTT's post!

  16. I never even thought of putting Sophie Kinsella and I've read most of her books a thousand times! From her writing, she seems like she'd be so much fun!

    I think that's absolutely fascinating about translators having the power to change names and the rationale behind doing so. I've never really thought about it before.


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