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Review The Lure of Shapinsay by Krista Holle

The Lure of ShapinsayTitle: The Lure of Shapinsay
Author: Krista Holle
Published: December 16th, 2011 (Sweet River Romance)
Pages: 260
Source: for review
Rating: 3 stars
Synopsis from Goodreads: Ever since Kait Swanney could remember, the old crones of the village have been warning her to stay away from the selkies. They claim that like sirens of old, the seal men creep from the inky waters, shed their skins, and entice women to their deaths beneath the North Sea. But avoiding an encounter becomes impossible when Kait is spotted at the water’s edge, moments after the murder of a half-selkie infant. 
Unexpectedly, Kait is awoken by a beautiful, selkie man seeking revenge. After she declares her innocence, the intruder darts into the night, but not before inadvertently bewitching her with an overpowering lure. 
Kait obsesses over a reunion deep beneath the bay and risks her own life to be reunited with her selkie. But when she lands the dangerous lover, the chaos that follows leaves Kait little time to wonder—is it love setting her on fire or has she simply been lured?

After all the vampires, werewolves and fae this story had a completely different mythical creatures: selkies. In short: a sort of mermen, who lurk women into the sea where they kill them. 

The MC is Kait Swanney. She's heard the stories about the selkies, but doesn't believe them. She loves the ocean and swims often. When she meets a selkie she's amazed and she can't wait to see him again. Even if that means her death. 

I had to get used to the language Krista Holle uses. The village people speak in an old tongue. You understand what they say, but for me it slowed the story down. It's like with a name you don't know how to pronounce: it's like hitting a bump every time. Maybe I'm the only one who experiences it this way, but it took some getting used to! 

I liked the story and the independence of Kait. She does what she wants and not what her brother tells her to do. So she refuses to marry the man he chooses for her. The only person she can think of is her selkie. 

The ending wasn't a surprise for me, but was nice nonetheless. I learned a lot about selkies!

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  1. I wanna read this one soooo bad :O Jealous.. jealous. Ever since I read the summary I've been trying to get my hands on a copy. Sigh.


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