Friday, September 28, 2012

Thinking About ... The Reading Slump

I love reading discussion posts and I finally decided to start my own! So here's my first Thinking About...
I wanted to begin with a subject we're all struggling with: the reading slump. When I wasn't reading so much I thought I would never have a reading slump. But now that I'm reading quite a lot I have it once in while and I hate it! 
Today I share my tips for getting out of it! And if you have tips, please leave them in the comments! I'd love to read and use them. 

So here we go!

Start another book.

Put the book your reading aside and start reading a different book you're certain you'll enjoy. A reread, the next book in a series you love, or a book with an amazing synopsis! I'm a reader that always wants to finish a book before starting the next one. So, for me it was difficult to apply this with my own reading slump, but I have and trust me it works! Reading gets a whole lot more fun after that!

Do something entirely different.

Sometimes I'm just to preoccupied or stressed out to concentrate on a book. It helps me to put my book aside and do something else. A couple of weeks ago I discovered my hobby: hooping! It's a lot of fun and it empties my mind, so there's room for a whole new story. Just choose something that helps you relax, so you can start fresh with your book. 

Just start reading. 

Sometimes I'm sitting behind my computer and I absolutely do not feel like reading. So instead I'm doing stupid stuff like checking twitter every other second. Just sit down and start reading. I did this the other day and before I knew it I was 200 pages further and had finished the book I had been dreading for days!

Make time to read.

Most of the time I can read anywhere anytime. Just put a book in my hands and I'll read. This way I immediately know when I'm in a reading slump, because then I can't read anywhere.  I'm like this:

Really annoying! And not only for me, because it drives my boyfriend crazy. In a case like this I put some reading time in my schedule. I make a large pot of tea, sit on the couch (usually my favorite place) and start reading. I make sure I can't be disturbed. Sometimes I just start with a magazine and before you know it you're reading a book again!

 Don't let your TBR pile scare you. 

Once in a while I get scared if I see my TBR pile. It's so huge! And if I think about all the books I still want to read and not even own, I want to hide. So now I just take it one book at the time. There will be a time when I've read all those amazing books that are waiting on me to read them. 

For me these are the most helpful. But I'd love to hear your tips! (I know I'm repeating myself, but I'm relatively new to "The Reading Slump" and I want to get rid of it as soon as possible next time!)


  1. These are great tips! Luckily I haven't had that many reading slumps but when I do it depresses me that I can't read for a long time. I sometimes start a book by a favorite author or re read a good book to get out of a slump and start reading loads of books again :)

    Janhvi @ The Readdicts

  2. Interesting tips. I'm in the same boat with you as well. Before I started blogging, I never had any reading slumps, and now I have them quite a bit. It is sometimes frustrating but you just got to keep on plowing through.

    Thanks for stopping by
    @ Livin' Life Through Books

  3. I've found that, most of the time, my reading slumps are influenced by how stressed out I am by my "real" life. Nothing helps but to let it pass. And I agree with what Felicia said, I didn't have reading slumps before I started blogging. Probably burnout. But luckily, my slumps never last longer than a couple days :)


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