Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Visibility Blog Tour + Giveaway

Welcome to the Tuesday stop of the Visibility Blog Tour! This blog tour will run for a week. Articles and interviews from the author and publishing team will run on BlogTown, while readers can visit stops on the tour, learn about those blogs, and acquire super powers. There will be a giveaway at the end of the tour, and readers will have a chance of winning one of three prizes! Scroll down to find out more about my super power, the book and the giveaway!

My super power is


The Super Survey

1. What is your super power?
As you can see clearly above my super power is possession. And since books are my life I only mostly use it to possess other people while they're reading. The most interesting part is when people are reading books I already read, because I can also 'hear' what they think. It's nice to see someone else's point of view on a book. It gives reading a whole new dimension. And it passes the time when I didn't bring a book myself, or if I don't feel like holding a book. Call me lazy, but sometimes you just have to chose the easy way!

2. Have you told anyone about it?
No, but I've been thinking about it, though. Let me see you explain the weird look on your face when you posses someone. I'm still developing my powers and have to be in the same room as my 'victim' (although, they don't really notice). When I posses someone I can still control my body, but it's like I'm drowsing. 

3. Have you chosen to use it for good, or evil?
Well, that depends. Do you think possessing someone to read books through them is evil? I don't see it that way, but it's not totally good either. So somewhere in the grey?

4. Have you had any super power–related instances at work?
I made clear that books are my life. I'm an intern at a Dutch publishing house, so yes there have been instances. But nothing I couldn't fix myself! Only that one time when I almost misspoke... One of my colleagues was telling me about a book I was just reading through her and I told her what she thought of it... Oops! 

5. Spandex, or no spandex?
Absolutely NO spandex. I try to blend in, not stand out. I look weird enough half sleeping when I'm in someone else's head. 

The Book 

Natalie Irving is used to living in the shadow of her infamous mother’s celebrity—she’s done it all her life. So when she discovers that she has inherited Jaydn’s claim to fame, the talent to turn invisible, she knows she finally has the chance to step into the spotlight. Now that she is one of only two people in the world with such an ability, Natalie has a choice to make: follow in her mother’s footsteps or choose a different path, crafting a unique identity that is hers alone.

My review will go up later this week!

The Giveaway

Grand Prize
$50 coupon to Amazon.com

2 Runner-Up Prizes
$25 coupon to Amazon.com

All 3 winners will also receive:
1 copy of Visibility, by Sarah Neufeld
1 copy of Spartacus and the Circus of Shadows, by Molly E. Johnson
1 advanced-reader copy of Wax, by Phil Duncan

* If the winners opt for giftcards to an indie bookstore, we’ll add an extra $5 to the card.

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