Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday (1)

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating. This week I'm waiting on 

Spark by Amy Kathleen Ryan

Title: Spark
Author: Amy Kathleen Ryan 
Will be published on: July 17th, 2012 (St. Martin's Griffin)
Pages: 309
Series: Sky Chasers #2
Synopsis from Goodreads: Waverly and Kieran are finally reunited on the Empyrean. Kieran has led the boys safely up to this point, and now that the girls are back, their mission seems slightly less impossible: to chase down the New Horizon, and save their parents from the enemy ship. But nothing is truly as it seems…Kieran’s leadership methods have raised Seth’s hackles— and Waverly’s suspicions. Is this really her fiancé? The handsome, loving boy she was torn from just a short time before? More and more, she finds her thoughts aligned with Seth’s. But if Seth is Kieran’s Enemy No. 1, what does that make her? 
In one night, a strange explosion rocks the Empyrean—shooting them off course and delaying their pursuit of the New Horizon—and Seth is mysteriously released from the brig. Seth is the most obvious suspect for the explosion, and Waverly the most obvious suspect for releasing him. As the tension reaches a boiling point, will Seth be able to find the true culprit before Kieran locks them both away—or worse? Will Waverly follow her heart, even if it puts lives at risk? With the balance of power precarious and the clock ticking, every decision counts… every step brings them closer to a new beginning, or a sudden end...

I read the first book in the Sky Chasers series a few weeks ago (see my review) and I really liked it. The ending had me waiting for book two and it's almost here. (Yay!) I'm curious how the relationship between the three main characters will be. In the beginning I liked Keenan, didn't really like Seth and I admired Waverly. At the end of the story only my opinion about Waverly remained the same. By then I liked Seth and actually kind of hated Keenan. The tension in the first book was so good, that I can't wait to read Spark.


  1. I haven't started this series yet but always thought I would like it since I am a lover of dystopian and sci-fi novels. I definitely look forward to your future thoughts on SPARK~

    Happy Reading!
    Lilian @ A Novel Toybox

    1. Hi, the first part Glow was really good, so I would give it a chance!
      Thanks for stopping by :)


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