Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Top Ten Books I Thought I'd Like More/Less Than I Did

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday has another topic and different bloggers give their top ten. I love making lists, so here's mine for this week!

This week's topic is 

Top Ten Books I Thought I'd Like More/Less Than I Did

I always try to start reading a book with a open mind, but in the end I always have some idea of what I hope it will be. So, it's not a surprise that I like some books more or less than I expected. 
So, for this week there are two lists: one with books I liked less and one with books I liked more. 

Books I Thought I Would Like Less

 1  Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

Pushing the Limits was one of the first contemporaries I ever read and I didn't really know what to expect. I was in a bit of a reading slump and someone said I really had to read this one. So, I did and absolutely loved it! (And it got me out of my reading slump!)

 2  Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan

I procrastinated reading this one for a long time. I don't even know why exactly. Probably because I don't read that much science fiction. I ended up loving it! Glow that is, I'm still a bit hesitant if it comes to sf.

 3  Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Everyone was raving about this one about how amazing it is. This always gets my guard up, because I'm afraid I won't like it. But with this one I shouldn't have been afraid at all!

 4  Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

I had to get used to the writing style, but after that Shatter Me was absolutely amazing. 

 5  Glitch by Heather Anastasiu

Sometimes you just love a book more than you expected. It sounds a bit mean, but everyone has certain expectations. Sometimes they add up, sometimes they don't and sometimes the book ends up being a lot better than you thought it would!

Books I Thought I Would Like More

 1  What's New, Pussycat by Alexandra Potter

No YA, but an other genre I like to read: Chick Lit. I loved Alexandra Potter's books, until this one. Her other books are unique and cliche free, but this one was full of them. I didn't like it. 

 2  Book of Shadows by Cate Tiernan

So many people recommended this book to me, but when I read it I just didn't like it. I don't know exactly what it was, but I won't be reading another book in this series.

 3  Switched by Amanda Hocking

I had this book on my wish list for months and couldn't wait to read it. I knew how the story would go before I finished the first chapter. Never a good sign. 
 4  Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood

I love books about witches, but I had a hard time getting into the story. I liked it, but just not as much as I thought I would. 

 5  Slated by Teri Terry

I thought I would love this one, but I didn't in the end. It just wasn't my cup of tea, I guess. Well, we can't love all the books we read!

What books did you like more or less than you thought you would?


  1. I also ended up loving Throne of Glass but it was hyped so much that I was a little scared about reading it, too! Hypes always get my guard up a bit.
    Pushing the Limits is amazing :) I have an eARC of the sequel and it's coming up on my reading list soon ^^
    Too bad Born Wicked didn't work for you! I have quite high expectations for it as well and actually almost bought it today...

    My TTT

  2. I was the same way with Shatter Me, I had to get used to the writing style which took a while, but after that it was amazing! I love that book :D
    Old follower
    my TTT

  3. PTL and Throne of Glass were both amazing. And I didn't relate to switched either. Trolls just don't do it for me! nice to drop in again. My TTT at: http://gwynnethwhite.blogspot.com/

  4. I loved PTL too - it's a good match for Simone Elkeles' 'Perfect Chemistry' series. Luckily some of your wows are on my TBR pile, unfortunately so is Born Wicked (I hope I have a better time with it). :-)

  5. Oh wow I haven't read any of these! I plan to though, all on my TBR pile, more or less.

  6. Shatter Me is on my wish list. Read Dare You To recently and loved it so need to read Pushing the Limits, working backwards! I haven't read any on your thought would like more list!

  7. I had to start Shatter Me twice before I was able to get through it and I am glad I stuck to it! I ended up falling in love with Mafi's writing style and cannot wait to read something outside this universe from her. I've been avoiding Glitch because of mixed reviews but I think I might have to give it a chance.

  8. There are a few on there that I really need to read. Throne of Glass being one of them. That is good to hear about Born Wicked. I hesitated picking it up because I didn't know how I would feel about it, good to know I'm not missing anything.

  9. LOVED Throne of Glass! I didn't love Shatter Me AS much as a lot of other people seem to be but I still really enjoyed it!

  10. oh my god NO NO! YOU HAVE to continue the Sweep series. TRUST ME. I DID NOT enjoy Book of Shadows.. Morgan annoyed THE HELL out of me BUT as soon as HUNTER enters the scene.. damn this series became an ALL TIME FAVORITE of mine! You really really need to continue it. <3 My heart will be broken if you don't continue it.

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  11. Wow, Pushing the Limits kind of edged me into the YA contemporary scene as well - I LOVED it. I can't wait for Dare You To next month!

    Switched is the only other one I've read, and I liked it. I preferred when things moved to the trylle kingdom, though, in book two.

    Thanks for stopping by and checking out my list earlier at YA Book Crush :)

  12. So glad you loved Pushing the Limits! It was one of my favorite books from last year!

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